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This huge park on Poklonnaya hill devoted to the Victory in the second World War is a sacred place for Russian people as almost every family has got an ancestor who took part in the tragic event. Feel the atmosphere of military pride and national sorrow. Embrace the war glory of the Russian army with our Victory park tour. Take photos on the backdrop of war-time military equipment!

During this tour you’ll explore the main place of Russian military glory! However, the paths of the park are always occupied by roller skaters and bicycle riders living nearby. The heart of the memorial complex is the Stele of Victory, the biggest monument in Moscow, which can be seen from many places across the city. Another masterpiece is the monument Tragedy of Nations, that depicts all the horror of fascist death camps. However, in spite of the tragic character of the event to which the park is dedicated, the atmosphere in it is very bright and friendly!

What’s in store for you:

  • Triumphal arch – devoted to the power of Russian weapon;
  • The hugest flower clock in Russia – impressive but fragile;
  • Steel of Victory – figure out why it is 141,8 meters tall!
  • Fountain complex – consists of almost 1.500 water flows;
  • Tragedy of Nations monument – very deep and touching;
  • Exhibition of war-time military equipment – experience the frozen moment of a battle!
  • National museum of WWII – the only of its kind.

What’s included:

  • Friendly knowledgeable guide;
  • Pick up by foot;
  • Entry tickets.

What’s excluded:

  • Food and drinks.

Day off: Monday.

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