Tour Of Ancient Russia (Cities Of Suzdal And Vladimir)

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Moscow is, no doubt, the most beatiful city in Russia (in our humble opinion), but you will hardly feel the spirit of ancient Russia in a megapolis. We offer you to see two cities of the Golden Ring of Russia – Suzdal and Vladimir to visit their most prominent sights and enjoy beautiful Russian nature.

A tour across some of the oldest Russian cities. Their main gems are ancient temples: history of icon-painting, picturesque mosaics, high white walls and colorful domes, atmosphere of peace and conciliation, enjoy the sounds of church bells and panoramic views of Russian nature. You’ll also visit the museum of wood architecture where you can see how peasants lived. At the end you’ll have a chance to taste Russian traditional alcoholic honey drink «Medovuha».

What’s in store for you:

  • Holy Assumption Cathedral – One of the first white-stone cathedrals of Russia, built in 12th century. Get to see the frescos of famous icon-painter of the 15th cetury Andrey Rublev and the necropolis of Vladimir’s patriarchs and princes;
  • Golden Gate – the parade entrance to the city of Vladimir, part of the ancient fortifications and the symbol of power and magnitute of Russia. Inside, you will see a model of the last battle for Vladimir against Tatar-Mongols;
  • Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin – Take a walk across the sanctuary grassland and see the famous Pokrova on Nerl white-stone church;
  • Museum Of Wooden Architecture & Peasant Life – This beatuful collection of pieces of wooden architecture of 18-19th centuries, brought from all across Vladimir principality. You will see windmills, peasant houses, churches and utility buildings;
  • Suzdal Mead – Free time of 40 to 60 minutes to have a lunch and also a possibility to participate in Medovukha taste-test later.

What’s included:

  • Automobile tour (with stops to walk and see);
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off;
  • Friendly knowledgeable guide;
  • Tickets;
  • Lunch/Dinner;
  • Air-conditioned vehicle.

Day off: Thursday. The Golden Gate is closed every last Friday of the month.

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