Stalingrad Tour : Northern Industrial Districts Of Stalingrad Factory Area

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During this tour we will visit the factory area of northern part of Stalingrad. This is made up of three factories: the Red October Steelworks factory, Barrikady Gun factory and the famous Tractor Plant. The final German attack in this area was followed by the Russian counter-attack in November 1942.

During this tour you will learn about the bloody fightings for the industrial part of Stalingrad in October 1942: German offensive of Krasny Oktyabr steelworks, the battle for Barrikady Gun factory and capitulation of German forces near Tractor Plant in the end of the battle. You will also learn about the heroic defence of the East bridgehead by the Soviet troops which were attacked by the best skilled and equipped German troops sent to this area. After that we will visit the northern outskirts of the city where on February 2, 1943 the last northern group of German fascist forces capitulated under the command of general Karl Strecker.

On the main square of the Tractor factory you will see the monument to the founder NKVD Felix Dzerzhinsky and also the last legendary T-34 tank which was manufactured here.

Near the Krasny Oktyabr metallurgical/Red October steelworks factory you will see the defense line which nowadays marked with 17 tank turrets in the city. All this makes clear how close were the Germans to the Volga river.

On the right bank of Volga behind the Barrikady Gun factory you will find a small lot of land (700 m in the length and 400 m in the width). The 138-th Division under the command of general-colonel Lyudnikov had been defending this lot from November, 11 till December, 21, 1942 for 40 days. Soviet soldiers didn`t give the Nazi troops any chance to capture it. The division within 40 days was surrounded by the enemy from three sides and from the fourth side by Volga river. So this little scrap of land, 700 meters wide and 400 meters in depth, entered the history of the Battle of Stalingrad as Lyudnikov's Island. The whole story is incredible but true. The ruins of the divisional command post still remain behind the Barrikady Gun factory.

Today the Island of Lyudnikov is a memorial complex. In 1955 a column with a bronze plate was erected here. You can read such an inscription: “In November – December 1942 here went the front line of defence of the 138-th Red Banner Rifle Division. The division under the command of general-colonel Ivan Lyudnikov being semi surrounded couragesly defended this territory. After those days this area was named as Island of Lyudnikov - Island of Fire. The division rejected all enemy attacks and then took part in defeat of the German-Nazis troops at Stalingrad.

There are three common graves where buried more then thousand of Soviet soldiers.

During the tour we will also visit numerous of memorials and mass graves of Soviet soldiers, armed factory workers and civilians died here defending this area in the fall of 1942.

The tour to the industrial North part of Stalingrad is perfectly combined with other 3-4 hour tours on the same day.

The main highlights of tour to the Northern industrial factory districts of Stalingrad:

Red October steelworks factory and memorial sights around
Barrikady Gun factory - Lyudnikov's Island - Island of Fire and memorials around
Dzerzhinsky Tractor Plant - T-34-tank memorial and other memorials around
The grave of the first female steelworker Olga Kovaleva died in action defending Stalingrad
Line of Stalingrad front in the industrial area of the city
Ruined command post of HQs of 138th Rifle Division
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tour itinerary;
transportation services (comfortable air-conditioned car);
skilled guide-interpreter (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian speaking).

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