Stalingrad Tour : Kalach-On-Don, The Operation Uranus

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Tour to Kalach-on-Don - the city of military Glory. The end of the operation Uranus - encirclement of German Army at Stalingrad.

Kalach-on-Don is a town in 80 km from Volgograd, where the great encirclement of the German troops was completed on 23rd of November 1942 during the Soviet counter offensive operation Uranus by the forces of Stalingrad, South West and with assistance of Don Front.

On November 19, 1942, the Red Army launched Operation Uranus, a giant pincer movement whose jaws snapped shut at Kalach five days later, trapping the German Sixth and 4th Panzer Armies in Stalingrad.

The tour includes visiting of the following sights:

Visit of the city of Kalach-on-Don and memorials around;
The bridge over the Don River, the latter being an outer defensive perimeter
Common grave of the Soviet soldiers where burried more than 1000 soldiers which died during the defence and liberatiion of Kalach-on-Don;
T-70 tank memorial in Kalach-on-Don established here on 12 December 1942;
«Meeting of Two Fronts» memorial where was completed the encirclement of the German-Nazis forces on 23rd of November 1942 under Stalingrad.
Additional sights to visit (extra payment):

Golubinskiy stanitsa (the HQ of the 6th German army before encirclement, an old church of Saint Nicolas);
Josef Stalin tank memorial and soviet mass grave on the Don steppe.

The tour to Kalach-on-Don may be perfectly combined on the same day with tours to Peschanka, Golubinsky and Pitomnik airfield.

The price includes:

transportation services;
skilled guide-interpreter.
We also provide:

Russian visa support (for free if the tour already ordered);
Hotel reservations;
Transportation services (airport-hotel-airport, railway station-hotel, or delivery from or to nearby towns etc).
3 steps to book the tour to Kalach-on-Don - the end of the operation Uranus, Stalingrad:

Email your request for a tour;
Specify the terms and the tours you would like to book;
Get the confirmation with payment details.

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