Red Square And Kremelin Tour (All Museums Included)

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Discover all the hidden secrets of the heart of Moscow and the largest fortress in Europe within our bestselling Kremlin tour. You’ll also see the sights of Alexander’s garden, the Red square and Zaryadie – a new built park in the very center of the city. Besides, the itinerary  is customizable, so we can ajust it to suit your expectations!

This tour is the best option for a one-day stay in Moscow. Guided by an expert native you’ll head for the most fabulous sights of the city! The cathedrals of Kremlin alongside with Czar-bell and Czar-cannon, war memorials of the Alexander’s garden, the Red square with its illustrious Saint Basil’s cathedral and GUM – ancient shopping mall. The last stop will be Zaryadie – a picturesque park with manifold Russian plant life and a bridge to nowhere, hanging right above the Moskva river. By the way, you can take some best shots from this bridge! Finally, from Zaryadie’s amphitheater  we’ll be observing what we have seen during the tour on the backdrop of Moscow sunset. In a nutshell, this Kremlin tour is the best way to spend a day in the White-Stoned city!

The Saint Basil’s Cathedral is closed every first Wednesday of the month.

What’s in store for you:

Moscow Kremlin architectural complex – the largest functional fortress. It was established in the place where the first Moscow settlers lived. Inсludes 20 towers.

Assumption cathedral – ceremonial hall for coronations of emperors.

Annunciation cathedral – private family church for Czar’s family. Some icons of 15th century are exhibited here.

Cathedral of Archangel – family tomb of Russian Czars.

Armory Chamber – treasury fund of Czar’s family.

Ivan the Great bell tower – white-stone bell tower equipped with 21 bells. The tallest building of Moscow Kremlin.

Czar Cannon – one of the biggest cannons of the world. Manufactured in 16th century.

Czar Bell – a monument of Russian foundry of 18th century. The bell’s weight is 202 tons.

Cathedral square – the architectural center of Moscow Kremlin. This is where the main Christmas tree is installed in winter.

Red Square – the main square of Russia, cobbled in the beginning of 19th century. The square used to be a market place as well as proclamation spot.

Necropolis under the Kremlin wall – this is where the Soviet leaders were buried.

GUM – a beautiful ancient shopping mall with a unique architectural design. Takes a whole block in the old city.

Lenin’s Mausoleum (in case the museum is open) – since 1924 the body of Vladimir Lenin is kept here.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral – church with numerous picturesque domes and hipped roofs. One of the symbols of Russia.

Zaryadie park – a modern park with Floating Bridge and more than a 1 000 000 plants from different climatic zones of Russia.

Alexander the Great’s garden – was built in the place where a river used to flow. In the garden you can see the Eternal Flame, honorable guard of Kremlin military troop, Italian grotto and fountains.

What’s included:

  • Friendly knowledgeable guide;
  • Pick up by foot;
  • Tickets to the Kremlin, Armory Chamber, Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

What’s excluded;

  • Food and drinks.

Day off: Thursday.

Sights of Moscow Kremlin and Red Square are included in the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites.

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