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Permanent exhibition describes nature and culture of Karelia connected to the overall Russian and North European history. Descriptions of the exhibits are provided in Russian and in English.

Within the thematic area the following exhibitions are offered to the Museum visitors:

“Special features of Karelian nature”

You will learn about:

the diversity of the geological materials and minerals of ancient Karelia;

the kind of prints on the landscape were left during the Ice Age 10 thousand years ago;

the special features of plants and animals in Karelia.

“Rock chronicle. Archeology of Karelia” will introduce you to:

pictures on the granite slabs – petroglyphs which were carved 8 thousand years ago by ancient hunters and fishermen;

archeological finds from the site of the Neolithic era;

monuments from the Stone age – labyrinths, seids (sacred stones), megaliths.

Historical sections will introduce you to the history of the region from 9th to 20th century.

In the exhibition “Nothern porubezhye” you will learn about the life in Karelia in the 9th – 17th century, the era of Northern Middle Ages.

The exhibitions ”Peter the Great’s factories” and “City-factory” will tell you the story about the industrial history of the region and the city of Petrozavodsk.

The exhibition “According to the Imperial Edict” will explain how the Olonetskaya district was created.

The exhibition “Capital of the district” will introduce you to the provincial Petrozavodsk at the beginning of the 20th century and its citizens – craftsmen, public servants, merchants and the middle class.

The exhibition “In the area of runes and epic poems” will tell you about the Russian and Karelian folklore: epic poems (bylinas) and the epos by E. Lönnrot “Kalevala”.

The exhibition “Subsistence farming” will open the secrets of the survival of the peasants in the extreme conditions of the North.

Visit the historical interior of the Hall of the Assembly of the Nobility which is a popular place for holding different kinds of city and regional events.

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