Moscow Center Observation Tour

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It is a pedestrian tour across the center of Moscow. You will throw a coin and make a wish at the Zero Kilometer, enjoy the architectural diversity of the city and see all the climatic zones of Russia in one park.

You’ll get to know:

  • How a small village on the edge of the world became the capital of the country;
  • About a cemetery inside the main country’s fortress’ wall;
  • How a temple was transformed into a swimming pool;
  • About the unique clock mechanism which stays functional for 150 years;
  • How the biggest hotel in Europe became a beautiful park;
  • How come Moscow is called 5 seas bay if there’s just one river?

What’s in store for you:

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour – the main temple of the country.

Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts – Moscow Museum of foreign art.

Pashkov House – house in the style of classicism.

Monument to Prince Vladimir – 20 meter monument to the Baptist of Russia.

Aleksandrovskiy Sad – was built in the place where a river used to flow. In the garden you can see the Eternal Flame, honorable guard of Kremlin military troop, Italian grotto and fountains.

Kremlin Walls and Towers – the largest functional fortress. It was established in the place where the first Moscow settlers lived. Inludes 20 towers.

Chapel of St. Basil the Great – church with numerous picturesque domes and hipped roofs. One of the symbols of Russia.

GUM – beautiful ancient shopping mall with a unique architectural design. Takes a whole block in the old city.

Nikolskaya Street – beautiful pedestrian street near red square.

Bolshoi Theatre – world famous Opera and ballet theatre.

What’s included:

  • Friendly knowledgeable guide;
  • Pick up by foot.

What’s excluded:

  • Food and drinks.

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