Lake Baikal Tour From Irkutsk

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Join our Lake Baikal Adventure with Friendly Local Guides!
Tour Lake Baikal and feel the atmosphere of this amazing place. Learn about the uniqueness of the lake and get to know more about the mysteries of the Siberian Pearl.
Tour Highlights:
Explore Lake Baikal with a local English-speaking guide.
Visit Taltsy Museum and see shaman yurts and typical Siberian wooden houses.
Take a photo from the observation platform and enjoy stunning views of the southern Baikal, Listvyanka, Port Baikal, and the Angara River with the Shaman Rock.
Try local delicious fish, pastry, and sbiten.
Learn more about Baikal ecology and local community incentives to protect this unique place.
Enjoy the pure beauty of Siberian nature.
Our Lake Baikal tour is the best option to explore Baikal in one day if you’re staying in Irkutsk. Your tour starts just from the center of Irkutsk and you head to Lisvtyanka village. Listvyanka is claimed to be the most popular entrance to Baikal, yet we suggest you experience it in a very unique way, behind main touristic paths.
On the way to Listvyanka, you have your first stop in Taltsy, which is an open-air museum of wooden arts. This place is charming and inspires many talks about how people used to live and what their everyday life looked like. Taltsy promises to be a super fun time, as you can go back to childhood and swing on wooden swings, try walking on stilts, and even learn how to dance a traditional Russian dance!
Our guide tells you about the traditions of the Siberian peasantry, about the severity of the nomadic life of Evenks, and you visit real Buryat and Mongolian yurts.
Next, we take a break in a tea room to try the Siberian sbiten drink and pancakes with honey and sour cream. Get to know the ingredients of this beverage!
It’s time to see Lake Baikal, so we take a taxi Listvyanka to the shores of the magnificent Lake Baikal. Some consider Lake Baikal a place of power and a sacred place. Take an opportunity to experience the oldest lake in the world. Enjoy a breathtaking view of Lake Baikal, the source of the Angara, with the majestic Shaman Rock rising above the water and the snow-capped mountains of the Khamar-Daban ridge on the other side of the lake. Take the best photo of your trip from the observation point.
Then you have time to walk along the shore of Lake Baikal and breathe the fresh air. And if the weather permits, find our favorite picnic spot, buy some local fish, and have a picnic. In case it is too windy, there is a cute cafe instead.
It’s time to say goodbye to Lake Baikal. On public transport takes you back to the center of Irkutsk on a 1.5-hour ride as you ask your guide any questions about Lake Baikal, Irkutsk, and some hidden gems of the area that are impossible to cover in one day.

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