Kings of Russian tea drinking (with tea ceremony and tasting of old Russian sweets)

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The most important "water drinkers" of Russia lived in Moscow - it was not for nothing that 55 percent of all tea in Russia was sold here and the largest and most famous confectionery industries arose!

During a sweet journey through the "tea" capital, you will get acquainted with the outstanding personalities of the most famous tea merchants and confectioners of Russia, admire their luxurious mansions, "tea palaces" and "candy" factories and establishments, visit the huge old "Tea-Coffee" store of the "tea emperor" "Perlov on Myasnitskaya street and you will find secret symbols and signs of good luck there, hear exciting, intriguing stories about merchant acumen and ingenuity, learn about the very first" PR actions "of tea and sweet kings of Russia.

You will learn:
- how the invigorating drink appeared in Russia;
- what is the difference between "Cantonese" tea from "Kyakhta" tea;
- what does the expression mean: "Vysotsky's tea, Brodsky's sugar, Trotsky's Russia";
- what contribution did Mayakovsky make to the development of the tea industry;
- who of the first tea traders came up with the most famous advertisement;
- how the tea was counterfeited and how one can distinguish the counterfeit tea from the real one;
- how Muscovites were "taught" to eat chocolate;
- how Landrin made his first candy, and Filippov made his first roll;
- what is the anniversary of the “Jubilee” cookies;
- what "PR actions" did Einem organize to advertise his confectionery masterpieces;
- what task did the most famous confectioner of the Soviet Union Vladimir Guralnik set for himself and how is it related to the cake "Bird's milk";
- what a sweet symbol of the capital "invented" by the mayor of Moscow Sobyanin.


- Excursion to the 19th century Confectionery Shop at the Russian Dessert Museum.
A fascinating immersion into the history of Russian sweets in the authentic setting of a Moscow "candy" shop with colorful entourage and rare exhibits. You will taste unusual Russian "gingerbread" made of rye flour, honey and spices that had to be soaked in tea, unusual "dry jam" - slices of fruits and even vegetables dried in a special way like candied fruits and traditional "pastilles" prepared according to old recipes. The unique taste of Moscow antiquity at the samovar!

- Excursion to the unique Tea Culture Club.
Here you will learn about the role of tea in the cultural life of different countries, about how many varieties of tea there are, you will learn all about the mysterious flavonoids present in tea and reveal the secret of eternal youth! You will learn what kind of tea ... they eat, reveal the secret of the "Emperor's Concubine", and also learn why only young virgins should collect leaves for the best tea.

Sitting on soft pillows, with every sip you will breathe in the living energy of tea, feel how strength is pouring into you, peace and tranquility descend on you.

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