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Hi, my name is Vadim and I’m not your guide. I will be your friend and assistant in this great city. The schedule is flexible, however standard time frames are as follows: 10AM-3PM / 3PM-8PM

You will see the trendiest spaces of St. Pete full of graffitied walls, hidden bars and unconventional souvenir shops. You’ll taste Russian street food, lavender coffee “Ruf” (which is truly awesome) and enter the world of Russian babushkas. I’ll also show you the city from 20m above the ground and unveil the world of Leningrad’s independent art. We will climb to the roof of an old photo saloon to take some beautiful shots of Nevskiy prospect from the top. Then we’ll head to visit the oldest tumbledown church and see the longest restaurant street in Europe. You will get an experience of living behind ‘the Iron Curtain’ and taste genuine Leningrad doughnuts ‘to die for’.

This is just a tiny bit of what you will see. Don’t hesitate!

Highlights (during one-day tour we visit half of these places – depending on your preferences and accommodation area):

  • the longest restaurant street in Europe
  • the one and only Russian coffee
  • home of Russian “intelligentsia”
  • hidden yards
  • home of St. Pete’s urban culture
  • the oldest countercultural art space
  • USSR emporium №1
  • modern Russian streetfood
  • Soviet pastry shop

  • house of 3 revolutions
  • abandoned half-burned church
  • mosaic yard
  • coffeeshop in a rock
  • miniature of St. Petersburg
  • traditional Siberian dumplings
  • handmade ice-cream
  • hipster bar on the Spit of Vasilievskiy island

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