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Modern-day Moscow is where numerous historic eras intersect and mingle to give birth to the city as it is today. To get a true taste of Moscow and its historical as well as cultural legacy, there’s nothing better than a leisurely walking tour through the city’s most prominent landmarks.

Well-known places like the Red Square, Saint Basil Cathedral, the Kremlin and the Alexander Garden are the must-see spots. They give you a broad idea of Moscow’s timeless identity. Here’s a quick note on these places.

The Red Square is the most-visited Russian landmark and the heart of Moscow. The square is always packed with visitors, which is not surprising, given that next to it are some of the most popular Moscow attractions. They include such as St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin and the famous shopping center GUM.

St. Basil’s Cathedral It is the most remarkable architectural miracle of the 16th century. The elegant and complex exterior of the building is the cultural face of Moscow. Take some pictures with this beautiful building and look inside the cathedral to explore its endless corridors and unusual staircases.

The Kremlin is another iconic Moscow site. It is a medieval fortress which is home to numerous Royal cathedrals today and is also the Residence of the President. Spare some time to explore Kremlin and its endless attractions such as the Kremlin Armory Museum. You may even be lucky to catch a military exhibition while you are around.

One of the most notable and extremely popular attractions on Red Square is GUM. And above all, this luxury shopping center is distinguished by its unique architecture, offers luxury luxury brands and has an internal atmosphere unmatched in any other shopping center in the world. GUM is especially relevant for luxury shopping or simply enjoys an excellent part of modern architecture.

And yet, there’s more to see on this walking tour. The famous Bolshoi Theater is located only minutes away. And on the way, you can enjoy the delicious Moscow cuisine at the shops and cafes around the downtown area.

Our Moscow Walking Tour is the perfect beginning of your tourist visit. Get a true taste of Moscow sights, sounds, culture and history with this tour.

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