Dog Sledding Tour to Waterfall Kivach

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This is the only dog sledding eco tour in Russia on the territory of the nature reserve. Experience winter in Karelia in its most pristine beauty and try yourself as a musher.


January, 15 — March, 31.


Unique dog sledding route on the territory of the nature reserve to the second highest plain waterfall in Europe;

Long dog sledding route, during which you will try yourself as a musher;

Selfie with cute huskies;

Lunch with dishes of Karelian cuisine.


Day 1:

Meeting with the guide. Transfer to the husky farm (80 km from Petrozavodsk).

Upon arrival excursion around the husky farm. You will get acquianted with the resindents of the farm, Alaskan and Siberian huskies. Your guide will tell you about the history of the breed, teach you how to harness huskies and how to prepare sledges for the ride, and give you full instruction in handling your sled and caring for your husky team.

While the sledges are being prepared, you will get acquianted with reindeer and feed them with their favourite snack, which is moss.

After the dogs are harnessed, begins a true adventure. Joyful huskies’ bark will break the silence of the sleeping Karelian forest and color it with vivid emotions. We are heading to the second highest plain waterfall in Europe called Kivach (2 persons per sledge). Total distance of the dog sledding route is 30 km.

Huskies are strong and energetic like people have different characters, and sometimes it takes time before you get used to their speed and energy. With every kilometre you become more and more experienced in mushing and start enjoying the thrill of the ride in the untouched Karelian nature.

Kivach Nature Reserve is famous for its untouched nature. People call Kivach Karelia in miniature, because its territory unites almost all landscapes that you can meet in Karelia. The gem of the nature reserve is its waterfall, the second highest waterfall in Europe. Excursion to the watefall and visit of the nature museum.

Return to the husky farm. Lunch with dishes of Karelian cuisine: fish soup, meat with mushrooms, herb tea, and Karelian pies kalitki.

Transfer to Petrozavodsk.

Price includes:

Transfer Petrozavodsk — husky farm — Petrozavodsk;

Excursion in the husky farm and reindeer feeding;

30 km dog sledding route;

Musher and guide services;

Excursion in the Kivach Nature Reserve;


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