Climb Acatenango With Family Amenities

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Day 1

7:00 am - Pick up from your accommodation in Antigua with private transportation

8:00 am - Arrival in San José Calderas and enjoy a traditional Guatemalan breakfast with your guide's family.

9:00 am - The hike begins from an altitude of 2400 m. You will have many breaks along the way!

2:00 pm - Arrival at the private base camp (3600m) for a well-deserved delicious lunch

4:30 pm - Relax around the campfire with some hot drinks 6:30 pm . M. - Enjoy a hot dinner while watching the eruption of the Fuego Volcano with the sunset in the background

Day 2

3:45 am - Wake up call

4.30am - The final ascent to the Acatenango summit begins

6:00 am - Arrival at the summit (3976 m) and watch the sunrise

7.30 am - Descent back to base camp

8.00 am - Breakfast at base camp

9:00 am - The descent from the base camp begins

11:30 am - End the hike and private transportation back to Antigua.

1:00 pm - Arrival in Antigua

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