Battle of Moscow Tour

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Vendor: MosVoyage Tour Agency
$4,401.43 CAD
Individual tour with a personal guide & driver. Fixed price for 1−10 persons! No prepayment required!

We are happy to offer you a unique historical tour "Battle of Moscow" which includes a T-34 tank ride on early modification of T-34 tank – T-34-76, 1941 version.
The tour and tank ride take place in the south of Moscow, 60 km from the city. Fields, forests and lovely villages surround the site. This place is a real battleground, where the 2nd tank army of Wermacht under command of famous tank theorist colonel-general Heinz Guderian were defeated by the 2nd cavalry corps of red army under command of Lieutenant-general Pavel Belov. It was the first retreat order in Wermacht from 1939, which costs Guderian discharge from the army command. The Red army successfully defended Kashira, whose hydroelectric power plant supplied strategic gun-plants of Tula and raised for the counter attack.
Each participant of the tour will get an authentic uniform of the red army infantry/tank crew. The tour also includes a visit to the restoration facility, which houses an exhibition of 44 war units. The museum features different classic units from the beginning of Great Patriotic War, some rare light tanks, APCs, armored vehicles, war trucks and secret weapons such as Katusha and Nebelwerfer.
In addition, participants will get a historical firearms shooting experience. There are 28 weapon types available, including an anti-tank rifle, pistols such as TT or Nagan, PPSH SMG, Mosin rifle, DP-27 machinegun and some rare pieces such as Finnish Suomi SMG.

  • Transfer (hotel/airport pick-up & drop-off)
  • Personal guide (English, Spanish, French or Italian-speaking)
  • Safety briefing
  • Military uniform of the Red Army
  • T-34-76 tank ride
  • Shooting (blank shots): Nagan, Mosin rifle, PPSh, DP-27 machinegun
  • Lunch (soup, buckwheat porridge with stewed meat, vodka, juice)
  • Free concierge service (1 day)
Not included:
  • Tank shooting (optional)
Price: 3 000 € / 3 500 $ / 245 000 ₽ per group (up to 10 persons)
Each additional person: 100 € / 115 $ / 8 000 ₽
Price for small groups (1-5 persons) – on request

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