Ekeau Certification is a national program, recognising guides who deliver an authentic, environmentally responsible and professional experience. The program is owned by Ekeau and operated in Canada.

EcoGuide certification provides a professional development framework for Tour Operators, Protected Area Managers and accredited training deliverers. Ask how Ekeau certification and associated training can create motivating structures for your organisation.

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Ekeau certification benefits include:

  • Practical guidance to implement sustainable practices and more meaningful experiences
  • A recognised industry qualification and competitive edge in the tourism market
  • Tourism industry recognition of quality ecotourism guiding, including on Ecotourism Australia’s website, Ecobytes newsletter and Savannah Guides newsletter and social media
  • Certificate and use of an internationally recognised logo on your marketing material
  • Networking and professional development opportunities with nature based guides and operators
  • 25% discount to the annual Global ECO Conference
  • Friends of Savannah Guides Membership and event discounts
  • Free listing on Ecotourism Australia’s Find an EcoGuide webpage

Applicants can also add the national Certificate III in Guiding qualification to EcoGuide assessment. Contact Savannah Guides for further information.


The Ekeau Certification process includes assessing:

  • Generic Guiding Skills including knowledge of the tourism industry; roles and responsibilities of a guide; communication skills; safety and risk management; group management; developing and delivering tour activities; and content knowledge.
  • EcoGuide Specific Skills including minimal impact principles; a commitment to ongoing professional development and respecting Indigenous culture.

To be eligible for Ekeau Certification you must:

  • Have at least 12 months guiding experience, OR
  • Hold a guiding qualification (e.g. Certificate III or IV in Guiding) and have a minimum of 3 months full time guiding experience


To become an Ekeau Guide:

  1. Complete the Ekeau Application Form.

  2. Ekeau Guides will email your receipt and editable PDF EcoGuide Workbook. You have 12 months to complete your application.

  3. Submit your completed Ekeau Guide Workbook for assessment. Incomplete applications may be submitted a second time.

  4. Complete your Guiding Assessment with an Ekeau Guide Assessor that we will help you arrange. This can be in person, which may have an additional cost to cover assessor expenses, or using video or other technology. You must submit your Activity Plan and demonstrate competency in leading a tour group, presentation techniques and minimal impact guiding.