A green ticket at your fingertips 

Our Mission

Ekeau's mission is to create a sustainable and accessible tourist experience that allows each visitor to do their part to save the planet!

Our Vision

Transform the global tourism industry towards a sustainable model that maximizes the reduction of GHG emissions by 2030.


EKEAU is an environmentally conscious project that builds off of the long-established tourism business, Ottawa Boat Cruise. The concept of EKEAU proposes to bring green innovation to the tourism sector in the Nation’s Capital Region (NCR) and around the world. Not only will EKEAU build a service that delivers a great visitor experience, but it will also build technology that will change the manner in which the tourism industry in the NCR operates. EKEAU has the potential to make of the NCR a world leader in green tourism.

Canada’s tourism industry is facing unprecedented hardship due to the pandemic with much uncertainty about the future. EKEAU’s vision, technology and leadership in the green space can provide the answer to the economic difficulties of the sector. By first tackling the NCR and then continue into other parts of the world. Ekeau is looking to change the tourism industry and make it more accessible and sustainable.

Ottawa and Gatineau already have world class bike paths and waterways in existence. EKEAU would build from  those existing resources, providing the necessary infrastructure to further support biking and other green  initiatives in the region. Normally, there are some downsides to the tourism industry – it contributes to air  pollution, noise pollution, littering, sewage issues, degradation of the ecosystem, among others. With the EKEAU experience, those negative effects would be minimized to the best of our ability, if not completely eradicated.

EKEAU is comprised of two different branches. The first is a software platform catering to green tourism attractions and the selling of tickets to green tourism sites to offer a complete package experience. The second branch of EKEAU is the actual green attractions, including electrically powered sightseeing boat tours, an eco-hotel, water powered eco-elevators at the Rideau Canal Locks, an eco-friendly patio space, among many others – A concept that is the first of its kind in Canada.