Easy boat trip by kayak to a desert island

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Escape from the captivity of everyday life and plunge into an amazing world, where a kayak quietly rustles on the water, and an oar plunges into the water surface, seagulls scream overhead, and a majestic pine forest stands along the banks.

Dine on a real desert island, master a sea kayak, take many impressive pictures, breathe fresh air, get a boost of vivacity from moderate physical activity.

All this can be done in one day, having gone with us on a one-day hike on sea kayaks along the Verkhnetulomsky reservoir!


Tour details:

- 9.00 - departure from Murmansk.

- 10.00 - arrival at the reservoir.

- 11.00 - briefing, adjusting the equipment, having a snack, sailing. Distance to the island is about 8 km (driving within 2 hours).

- 13.00 - arrival. Hot lunch on the island.

- 14.30 - sailing back. Travel time 2 hours, distance 8 km.

- 16.30 - arrival at the finish line.

- 17.30-18.00 - collecting things and returning to Murmansk (1 hour on the way).

The price includes:

- guide

- meals

- group first aid kit

- transfer

- kayako rental

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